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Integrated Hatha YTT 2025

July 27 - Aug 9 • Bikram Yoga SLC, Utah
200hr  |  2 weeks in person + preparatory Zoom meetings
Tuition:  $4,849   -  Early Bird: First 3 Sign-Ups $450 OFF*
ISYI Graduates get an additional $100 OFF!
Limited spaces available. Registration closes 30 days prior to start date. 
*Discount taken off final payment, $1000 deposit required to secure space in 2025 training group, full tuition paid to receive dialogue
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About Our Program:

Integrated Hatha YTT is an immersive, disciplined 200-hour (Yoga Alliance Certified) teacher training program for our next-level Integrated Hatha class designed by International Yoga Champion + Director of ISYI, Brandy Lyn.


Integrated Hatha Yoga is a beginner/intermediate level class based heavily in the Ghosh tradition. It is a 90-minute, dialogue-based, set-series class and contains the traditional 26 postures from the beginner’s (Standard 26&2) series, plus additional asanas pulled from the classic Bikram 84 series tied together with an Ashtanga influence. We explore practicing arm balances, backbends, hip openers, and many more strength building postures - keeping your students coming back for more. 


One of the things that sets this class apart from other intermediate classes, is that it is taught with an operational command dialogue, so it has the same familiar rhythm, cadence, and intensity of the 26&2 that we all know and love - making it a great schedule fit for 26&2 studios!

For teachers of all lineages, this Integrated Hatha Teacher Training will elevate your teaching! 

Integrated Hatha Teacher Training includes daily yoga classes, intermediate level yoga anatomy, intermediate level yoga philosophy, posture clinic, workshops, and various team and leadership building activities. 


Prerequisites for Training:

  • 26&2 / Bikram / Original Hot Yoga Teacher Training Certificate OR

    • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate w/ minimum 2 years teaching experience​

  • Applicant should feel comfortable using operational command + giving corrections during class

  • Applicant should be competent in dialogue self-study

  • Applicant should have basic knowledge of yoga anatomy and yoga philosophy

Sample Weekly Schedule

Monday / Wednesday / Friday
7:30 – 8:30 AM 26&2 60
9:30 – 12:30 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy

1:30 - 3 PM Integrated Hatha Class
4 – 7 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy

Tuesday / Thursday
9 AM – 12 PM Lecture
1:30 – 3:30 PM Integrated Hatha Workshop
5 – 9 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy

9 AM – 12 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy
1:30 – 3:30 PM Integrated Hatha Workshop
4:30 – 9 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy


8 AM – 12 PM Lecture/Posture Clinic/Anatomy/Philosophy

2 – 4 PM The 108


Integrated Hatha YTT Application

Please take a moment to fill out the application. 

Thanks for submitting your IHYTT Application. To complete the application process, please send $30 Application Fee to @brandylynyoga via Venmo. Your application will not be reviewed until Application Fee is received.

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